“Takes on Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Kathy Griffin, Bono, Edward Snowden, Nate Silver, George Washington and anyone else soon to be living under the hell of the sensible shoe.” - BLEEDING COOL

"Maybe it’s too ridiculous to believe that Kim Jong Un is the love child of a Bald Eagle and George Washington and so technically an American citizen, but there are also people that think the earth is flat and have go-fund-me pages to prove it…. Unpresidential is exactly what we need right now." - COMIC BASTARDS

"No politician is safe, or celebrity for that matter, from the wrath of Bieber and Reynolds. Their ideas and story explode from the page with the artwork of Labib, creating an alternate universe of insane and hilarious possibilities from beginning to end." - MEDIUM

“Timely, political, and definitely not politically correct.” - WORD OF THE NERD


“Off the wall.” - FANBASE PRESS

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